[Mentor Team] Katie Bass, Senior

Hi Friend! I’m Katie Bass, an effusive senior here at UW. I am a part of UW leaders because the last three years at UW have been the best of my life in large part because of the people that I have met and the leadership experiences that I have had. I want to help you make the most of your time here, and have as positive of an experience as I had. Part of what I love about UW is what I study; I’m an honors student majoring in political science and the comparative history of ideas. Another part of UW that I love is the boundless opportunities that it provides. So far, as an undergrad I have been able to: study abroad in New Zealand, lead the Young Democrats, participate in ASUW senate, teach sections for the Honors department, work as a research assistant for the political science department, work full time in a political consulting internship, and more. I can talk at length about the process of applying to law school, hiking in Western Washington, and the proper amount of fear one should feel when confronted with the thought of sharks or bears (hint: it’s a LOT).