Assistant Director Olivia Derin, 2016-2017


Why, hello there! My name is Olivia Derin and I am a Senior studying Comparative Literature: Cinema Studies and Communications, hoping to work in television production upon graduating from UW. I began my involvement in UW Leaders as a Leader my Freshman year and am so excited to be returning this year as the Assistant Director of this fine program. UW Leaders has given me the most loving, fun, and intelligent friends a gal could hope for and I am jazzed to spend my Senior year at UW with such amazing people by my side. Aside from UW Leaders, throughout my time at UW I have been involved in the Greek Community, Hillel, and Order of Omega Honor Society.

When I am not in my office or hitting the books, I can be found drinking copious amounts of coffee and tea, indulging in more Hot Cheetos (the lime ones, obviously) than a human should be able to eat, baking (cookies and brownies are my favorite), or jamming out to country music on full blast. If you hear me on the phone saying “I love you” it is most likely to my parents, brothers, or my dog because family is everything and I love them with my whole heart. I am an LA girl through and through and can chat off anyone’s ear about the beach and sunshine so if that’s your thing, feel free to bring it up, but be aware that I will not stop chatting about home until there is nothing left to say. I like coffee, food, and friends, so if you want to hang out do not hesitate to reach out because I will ALWAYS be down to grab coffee (preferably from Cafe Allegro) or food (pretty much anything, but pasta is always the right answer). 

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