Mentor Ali Cho, 2016-2017

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Hey there! My name is Ali and I’m a junior majoring in Political Economy. I’m originally from this really tiny part of California called the Bay Area, and had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of UW Leaders during my freshmen year. Coming here not knowing a single thing about Seattle besides the coffee, this program gave me a community and relationships that still hold a special place in my heart. On campus I started as part of ASUW Ambassadors, and have since been able to get involved with some amazing parts of UW! This year I’m the Assistant Director for the Office of Volunteer Opportunities, a student coordinator for First Year Programs, a Teach for America Campus Campaign Coordinator, DJ for Rainy Dawg Radio, and FIG Leader for two awesome classes that never fail to surprise.

When I’m not living in the office, you can catch me baking or eating (and more often than not, doing both at the same time). I’ve been told I’m a grandma at heart, and love nothing more than a night at home burritoed in blankets watching cartoons or trashy television. However contrary to popular belief I do leave my house, and love exploring new places to photograph, grooving to oldies music, and rummaging through vintage stores for records and knick knacks. I can’t wait to see everyone finally together, and am unbelievably excited for another great year with the UWL family!

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