Mentor Clarisse Furtado, 2016-2017

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Hiii! My name is Clarisse Furtado, I am a Junior studying psychology and communications. I was born and raised in the sunny Kuwait but technically from all over the place. Joining UWL my sophomore year was one of the best decisions I made. I met some of the amazing people I am so fortunate to call friends and truly found a supportive community.

UWL helped me find my passions and showed me I could use my voice to make a difference. On campus, I am president of IS Mentorship Program, work as Assistant Director of Programming for Housing & Food Services. I am also a Student Board member for The Foundation of International Understand through Students (FIUTS). I am also currently working on a psychology research project that deals with Adult and Child Anxiety.

In my free time you can find me jamming to my ultimate queen Beyoncé (BLESS), while holding a tight lipsync. I am beyond stoked to be returning to UWL, as a mentor and get to meet all you amazing people, let’s grab coffee and talk about life. Peace, Love & Unity, Ciao.

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