Mentor Jasmair Bains, 2016-2017

_DSC6316 copy copyHey y’all! My name is Jasmair Bains, but you can call me Jas for short. I’m a second-year student, and I’m still exploring my major options. I began my experience in UW Leaders last year as a leader, and I loved the program so much that I’m back for more.

I am very involved with the UW community outside of UW Leaders. I work for the ASUW as the Elections Administration Committee Chair, I am a part of ASUW Senate, I volunteer for Special Olympics College Unified, I am the Technology and Marketing Chair for PNW Circle K, and I am involved with a few intramural sports.
I enjoy late night walks and star gazing. My favorite TV shows are The Walking Dead and Big Brother. Also, I love Justin Timberlake, so if you have a passion of JT’s music or JT in general, then I’m the person to talk to. Welcome to the program!

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