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Navid Azodi 

Hello! My name is Navid and I am a junior studying Business Administration. This is my third year a part of UWL and am beyond excited to come back this year as a Mentor! I was born in San Diego, but raised in the good ole PNW.  I love to get involved on and off campus. Besides UWL, I have been a part of RCSA, Hall Council, Peer Review Board, FYP, Startup UW, Engineering Ambassadors, Student Technology Fee Committee, and Dawg Daze. I work as a Lead for UW-IT in Odegaard, and organize DubHacks, UW’s hackathon. I work with CoMotion and other groups on campus to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. I am a tech geek at heart and have interned with small local startups, Apple, and even NASA. In my free time I volunteer to edit and revise scholarship and college applications for high school and college students. I am passionate about cultivating positive social impact in the community and value inclusion, diversity, and accessibility in all the projects and groups I am a part of. I also love the outdoors, hiking and exploring is second nature to me. I am obsessed with pistachios and my favorite meal of the day is brunch as I have a list of 100+ breakfast joints in Seattle I can’t wait to share with y’all! UWL is such a phenomenal program and I am ecstatic to share my love of this community with you!

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One thought on “Mentor Navid Azodi, 2016 – 2017

  • Sung Oh

    Greetings from South Korea!

    My name is Sung Oh, and I am a staff researcher at Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled (KEAD). And to tell you a little more about
    what we do, KEAD is a semi-governmental organization under the Ministry of Employment and Labor. We run various services for both people with disabilities and employers. For people with disabilities, We have provided job placement service, vocational training, vocational competency evaluation, on-line vocational psychology test, assistive device support, work assistant service. For employers, KEAD has provided with employment subsidy, support of (subsidiary-type)standard workplace for PWDs, rent or free support of employment environment improvement cost, and so on. In addition, KEAD implement survey and research regarding disability employment. You can check us out at

    That was a pretty long introduction of where I work. I apologize for that. To get to the point, I came across an article on Signaloud and was very impressed to see your work on a device that, I believe, will greatly help people with hearing disabilities. After going through your research, I had to tell my boss how fascinating your device was and we would love to get a chance to visit you for learning more of your device.

    We are planning to visit 32nd CSUN Conference in February, 2017 and was wondering if you and your team participate in the conference. If not,
    we would still like to get a chance to you visit your facility and learn more.

    Amazing work you and your team has accomplished. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Happy new year!

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Sung Oh.