Mentor Rachel Carey, 2016-2017

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Hello my fellow huskies! My name is Rachel Carey and I am thrilled to be returning as a mentor after a phenomenal year as a sophomore leader. I am in pursuit of a major in communications and a minor in entrepreneurship. Over the past two years I’ve loved immersing myself in the husky experience. Everything from being a member in the husky marching band, to volunteering at ROOTS Young Adult Homeless Shelter, to interning for Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists (SARVA) and of course UW Leaders. When I am not working on campus, you can find me taking pictures for my photography business and advocating with addiction centers and mentally illness facilities to better enhance the quality of life for those struggling with drug addiction and mental illness. As I move forward in my education and career I hope to continue advocating for SARVA, drug addiction and mental illness while working towards a career in Human Resources with a goal of eventually running my own business one day whatever that may be!

Outside of my involvement on and off campus, you can find me trying new coffee shops, taking spontaneous camping trips, dancing the night away, making rave candy, painting just for fun and posting stories admitting my endless love for my man, my dog, Rex. Most of all, I am a people person and I value genuine talks, sharing life stories and encouraging the growth of passions. Don’t hesitate to hit me up for coffee, a study date or a fun night out!

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