Mentor Sandeep Kondury, 2018-2019

Sandeep Kondury (he/him) Mentor Major : Political Science; Minor : Informatics and Entrepreneurship Hometown : Hyderabad, India! Involvements : Husky Experience Student Advisory Council, Lavin Entrepreneurship Program, Husky Leadership Initiative, International Student Mentorship Program, Husky Firesides, U Lead We Lead, Dinealouges, Emerging Leaders retreat, UW study abroad, Foster Finance Association!

Mentor Gigi Gaultier, 2018-2019

Gigi Gaultier (she/her) Mentor Year: Senior Major/Minor: Majoring in Aquatics and Fisheries, minoring in Music and Marine Biology Hometown: Seattle, WA Involvement: Orientation Leader, FIG Leader, Student Ambassador for College of the Environment, Social Chair for SeaDawgs RSO Undergraduate Research Program & Presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, Table Captain […]

Mentor Vincy Fok, 2018-2019

Vincy Fok (she/her) Mentor Year: Junior Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science/Environmental Studies Hometown: Newcastle, WA Campus Involvement: Director of On-Campus Activities for Chi Omega, Alpha Chapter, Grading Assistant for the Foster School of Business, Emerging Leaders Program for Husky Leadership Initiative, Director of Membership for UW Hiking Club, Member of Asian-American InterVarsity, […]

Mentor Sky Lian, 2018-2019

Sky Lian (he/him) Mentor Year: Third-Year, Senior Major: Mathematics and Law, Societies, and Justice Minor: Philosophy Involvements: UW Leaders, International Students Mentorship Program, FIUTS, Unite UW, Dawg Daze Leaders, First Year Programs, Out for Undergrad.

Mentor Shlok Asrani, 2018-2019

Shlok Asrani (he/him) Mentor Year: Junior Major/Minor: Communication/Business/Film/Entrepreneurship Hometown: Dubai, UAE Campus Involvement: Startup UW, UniteUW, American Marketing Association, Advancement, Lavin Program for Entrepreneurship

Mentor Roshni Sinha, 2018-2019

Roshni Sinha (she/her) Mentor Year: Junior Major: Anthropology, International Studies; Minor:Informatics Hometown: Cupertino, CA Campus Involvement: Unite UW, CURE UW, UW Student Life, Undergraduate Research, Anthropology Honors Program, Washington Yacht Club, Refugee Women’s Alliance, HFS.