Mentor Reveal & Golden Circle

This week the cohort explored the idea of the Golden Circle, which is the idea of framing your life around your “Why.” During this meeting the mentor/Leader pairings were revealed, which is a very exciting moment for everyone involved!

Meeting Takeaways: 

  • Leading Intentionally

Leading Intentionally allows people to recognize their motivations and may help to prevent over-applying oneself to activities and commitments that may not be in-line with goals, interests, and passions.

  • Golden Circle Framework: Why, How, What

The Golden Circle Framework helps you determine and understand underlying motives for pursuing different activities and actions. By understanding the “why” first, it can help an individual make decisions and guide that person to lead intentionally and passionately.

  • Importance of Self-Reflection

Self-Reflection helps individuals assess their previous experiences and learn from them. This is important because there can always be something learned from anything a person does, whether or not that experience was a success or failure.

Check out the Golden Circle Folder in the Google Drive to see the worksheets, agenda, and powerpoint from the meeting!