Why? Finding Your Why

This workshop focused on finding your purpose in college and how to find your passions, interests, and some advice to help you navigate UW and college life if you’re feeling a bit lost. We had a wonderful guest speaker–┬áDenzil Suite,
UW Vice President for Student Life. We also discussed the concept of the “Golden Circle”– a model to finding your “why” and looking to find it first before asking yourself “what” and “how” you want to accomplish things in life and in college! Check out the slides here !



  • Finding your passions in college isn’t always easy.
  • You don’t have to find your “why” alone! Many other college students do not know what they want to accomplish during their time at UW. Sometimes it takes the help of others and exploring new interests, classes and hobbies.
  • You might try asking yourself: “what kind of person do you want to be by the time you walk across the stage to graduate?” If you ask yourself who you want to be, it might be easier to find your underlying interests, and then figure out how and what you want to do with them.