About Our Application

Our leadership team believes that all students interested in leadership and development deserve to take part in our program.  However, because we have limited resources, we have to select only a small subset of the students who apply. To make the best use of our time and resources, and to ensure that you will thrive in the program, we select students based on four criteria, all weighted equally:


  • Demonstrated drive to learn. Rationale: Growth mindset is central to thriving in our cohort as our workshops aim to develop your leadership skills and help you enact the change you seek.
  • Ability to self-reflect. Rationale: Self-reflection is an indication that our workshops will have a sustained impact on your time at UW/ through leadership experiences.
  • Adaptability. Rationale: Demonstration of this skill allows us to see how you will take away lessons from our program into real-life situations.
  • Community Mindset. Rationale: One of the best things about UW Leaders is all the cool people you will meet here! Being able to reflect on what community means to you and what you can bring to the UWL community allows us to see how much you would engage with the people/opportunities our program presents.


All of the above criteria we look for in your written statements. Successful applicants will demonstrate these qualities in their application. Note, however, we will NOT assess your spelling and grammar unless it significantly impacts our team’s comprehension of your application. We are committed to creating an equitable environment for applicants of all backgrounds and recognize that leadership potential is not measured by your writing ability. We encourage applicants to focus on the content of their application over the writing itself.