Every individual’s experience is unique in its impact. Feel free to read about the impact UWL makes on peoples’ lives from the direct perspective of those who have gone through the program.

“It is hard to fully articulate all that the UW Leaders program has done for me. As a leader, the UW Leaders program provided me a community of inspiring leaders and mentors, who challenged me to seek opportunities on the University of Washington and grow as both a professional and a leader. Transitioning into a mentor role, I was able to extend this community to new students on campus, and help guide them through their journey at the UW and as individuals. Both my experiences as a leader and a mentor have taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined. I learned what it meant to be a leader, a mentor, a professional and a friend. I learned to push myself beyond my limits and encourage my friends and community to do the same. It is safe to say that I would not be where I am without the UW leaders program, I would not be who I am without the UW leaders program, and I would not be surrounded by the most inspiring individuals without the UW leaders program.”

-Cassie McMaster, Leader ’14, Mentor ’15 & ’16

“When I arrived at the UW, I had very primitive view of the role a leader can take, and had trouble connecting with people in such a large school community. After getting involved with UWL in my sophomore year, I not only learned about myself as a person, I discovered a family atmosphere that welcomed me and supported me as I grew. Looking back now, the friendships I made during my time there are some of my most profound and most useful moving forward in my time at UW and in my career.”

-Ethan Ludlam, Leader ’14 & ’15

“UWL opened my eyes to the fact that the only thing stopping you from growth and opportunity is yourself. It does this by surrounding you with the friendliest and most motivated people you will have the pleasure of meeting at UW, and this environment nudges everyone involved to go that extra mile more often because that is the culture that develops. I’ve formed incredible relationships that will last lifelong, from beginning as a leader nearly three years ago to continuing mentor-group hangouts with both my mentor and my mentees, nothing has taught me more about the amazing variety of passionate individuals out in the world as well as the passions that were discovered in myself.”

-Chad Ikeda, Leader ’13 and Mentor ’15

My entire Husky experience has been shaped by my involvement in UW Leaders. UW Leaders is where I found my place at the table as a student on this campus, it’s where I found my confidence as a leader in the student government, it’s where I discovered my passion was leadership and student development, and most importantly, it’s where I learned that community trumps all else. My four year experience with the UW Leaders program taught me uncountable lessons, but none more then how important it is to build yourself up with ambitious, independent, selfless, and passionate people surrounding you. UW Leaders showed me that mentorship should be a constant craving. Throughout my time at UW, I have both been mentored and have mentored, and these relationships showcase to me each and every day why depending on one another is the highest calling of our lives. Cultivating relationships that are so multidimensional and passionate has shown me the depth to which you can rely on people and be relied upon, and how these types of profound interactions add deep meaning to my life. I would not be who I am today without four years in this superb example of what selfless, love-driven, servant leadership looks like, and I will carry my UWL approach to relationship and life with me forever. I am so grateful for my time in this organization, am so proud of all we’ve been able to do together, and will always believe, with a ferocity that’s difficult to articulate, that Leaders are Made, Not Born.”

-Chelsa Ayers, Leader ’12, Mentor ’13, Director ’14, Mentor ’15

“As a freshman just entering UW last year, I can honestly say this program completely molded my college experience in a positive way. The friendships that I developed with other mentees and mentors in the program created a great network of support that I didn’t have yet as an incoming freshman. UW Leaders also connected me with a myriad of leadership opportunities and organizations that I have only become further involved in as my college experience has progressed. This program opened up many doors for me, and helped to develop skills that I hadn’t known I was capable of. Over all, joining UW Leaders was an amazing experience and has certainly shaped me into becoming the leader I am today.”

-Mariko Sandico, Leader ’10

“UW Leaders is almost the perfect answer to all the questions a freshman, sophomore, or transfer student could possibly have. As a mentor, I have had the amazing journey of meeting, befriending, developing and training motivated, intelligent students who have more than enough potential to become the leaders of tomorrow for, not only our UW community but also, our world. The UW Leaders program has become an essential to my university life, and I hope that the program can become an essential for many more generations of UW students to come.”

– Jenny Choi, Mentor ’05 and ’06

“While I am proud of my Masters in Accounting from UW, my experience with UW Leaders was even more valuable. Now that I am on to starting my second company – this one a social enterprise and nonprofit with an ambitious goal of starting a global movement to connect and empowering professionals and businesses who are using their skills to make the world a better place – I can fairly say that the friends, connections, and leadership development that I obtained through the UWL program did more to prepare me for the future than my actual education. To all who continue the UWL legacy and take it to new heights, thank you – the world will be better for it.”

– Mark Horoszowski, Leader ’03, Mentor ’04 and ’05