How to Adult: Job Application

This workshop focused on professional development, including resumé tips, skill statements, and mock interviews! We invited UWL alumni in to help conduct mock interviews and had our own mentors host an interview panel, showing leaders some tips and tricks for answering those tricky interview questions.

Some takeaways:

  • Be yourself! During interviews, employers want to know your strengths and weaknesses, but they also want to get a sense of how you would work with others day to day and what you’re interested in!
  • Resumés don’t have to be complex– keeping it short, sweet and to the point really does matter. The average time a recruiter looks at it is 6.25 seconds!
  • Using the “STAR” method (see powerpoint) to answer interview questions will help you address questions with strong and tangible actions and achievements!
  • Quantifying resumé statements will help your employer get a better idea of what you achieved/ have experience in! Try making statements more concrete by mentioning how many people you worked with, how many people your project helped, etc.!

Access the powerpoint here