Mentors 2017-2018

Mentors are individuals trained during Autumn Quarter to provide professional and personal guidance to Leaders. They also plan, develop, and implement the weekly workshops focused on leadership development. Mentors possess significant leadership experience that equip them with the knowledge to be successful in the mentorship relationship and role.


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Ali Cho

Assistant Director
Natalie Pearlman

Aliya Ali

Oscar Arreguin

Jasmair Bains

Chris Cave

Katie Chua

Jenny Chung

Clarisse Furtado

Raphaël Gaultier

CJay Hon

Timothy Lantin

Clara Manahan

Vivian Oguejiofor

Mari Ramirez

Larissa Rogers

Kyle Simpson

Ken Siow

Sheldon Spring

Abigayil Talkington

Sachi Verma

Maggie Winding

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