There are two roles that one can have as a participant in this program.

Leaders are first-year participants in the program, who are in the program to expand their leadership capabilities by participating in the workshops and working on a Leadership Project of their choosing with the guidance of a Mentor.

Mentors are individuals who are trained throughout Autumn Quarter to provide this guidance as well as implement the workshops. Mentors are expected to have significant leadership experience that will equip them with the knowledge to help them be successful in this relationship. Mentors also help develop, implement, and coordinate the weekly workshops and special events of the program.

Mentors 2016-2017

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Oscar Arreguin Méndez

Oscar Arreguin Méndez

Assistant Director
Olivia Derin

Mitch Aman

Andrew Arakaki

Navid Azodi

Navid Azodi

_DSC6316 copy copy

Jasmair Bains

_DSC6296 copy copy

Jack Blaising

_DSC6319 copy copy

Lindsay Bullock

_DSC6353 copy copy

Rachel Carey

_DSC6287 copy logo

Kevin Celustka

_DSC6345 copy copy

Ali Cho

_DSC6332 copy copy

Clarisse Furtado

_DSC6314 copy copy

Danielle Hamer

_DSC6348 copy - Copy copy

Makayla Kinsella

_DSC6306 copy copy

Elizabeth McKeen

_DSC6324 copy copy

Cassie McMaster

_DSC6336 copy copy

Natalie Pearlman

_DSC6323 copy copy

Skye Scofield

_DSC6300 copy copy

Tyler Stenson


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