Leaders 2018-2019

Leaders (This website is currently being updated!)

Leaders are first-time participants of the program. Throughout Winter and Spring Quarter, resources are provided to expand their leadership capabilities by participating in weekly workshops. Additionally, they are paired with a Mentor to cultivate a unique relationship that offers both personal and professional development. They have the opportunity to work on a Leadership Project of their choosing with the guidance of their Mentor presented at the Spring Celebration of Leadership in May to showcase what they have learned from the program.


Below are the names of the Leaders in the 2018-2019 cohort!!

Amanda Yang

Audrey Ma

Amrit Singh

Binali Edmonds

Caitlin Callegari

Celeste Zeng

Christopher Lam

Brenna Madding

Cristine Andrada

Danny Bui

Dawson Dang

Emily Liu

Emmanuel Cruz

Eric Kim

David Frantz

Irene Harun

Kristen Hewson

Eddy Huang

Julia Jannon-Shields

Ebrima Jassey

Amodini Khade

Jenna Kim

Brian Kuranishi

Vanessa Lam

Christine Lew

Jennifer Li

Mengjiao Li

Ken Lin

Nicole Lobkov

Andre Magallanes

Madeline Maher

Andre Menchavez

Mahilet Mesfin

Ben Nielsen

Laura Nordquist

Dylan Phan

Luiz Fernando Porto

Brenton Riddle

Espen Scheuer

Jake Slater

Rosie Sun

Gonzalo Villacorta

Lufei Wang

Annabel Weyhrich

Jarod Wong

Nick Zhou